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Hey everyone! I’m Char your president for 2023. I’m currently in my 3rd year of a B. PsychSci (Honours) degree and I have a strong passion for organisation/social psychology. In my spare time I love seeing live music/theatre, reading, watching film (mostly animation and indie), making earrings, and playing Nintendo games (I love a good Professor Layton game).


Last year I was lucky enough to work with PSA as the First-Year Director. It was an amazing opportunity and I loved getting to meet all of you at our events! First-Year Director to President is a big step up, but I know our exec team this year is really amazing and they’ll support me with anything this year throws at us!! I can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been working on 💚



Hi there! My name is Caitlin and this is my second year being part of the UQPSA executive committee. I am super excited to take on the role of Secretary for 2023 after being the Media and Marketing Director for 2022. I am embarking on my Third Year of the Bachelor of Psych Sciences degree (how time flies!) 


This year I look forward to taking up a more active role in organising events to enrich your university life - whether it be socially or academically. We are always ready to make new friends so don’t be afraid to say hi and ask questions if you see any of us around!



Hi, my name is Asha and I’m your 2023 Treasurer! This is my second year as UQPSA’s Treasurer and I’m so incredibly proud of this club and honoured to have been re-elected. I’m beginning my third year of the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons), thinking about specialising in Organisational Psych, as I really like the people side of business and I’m starting out in HR this year. In the PSA this year, I’m most excited for the Psych Ball. It’s a huge event, but when it finally comes together it’s an incredible night.


Hi everyone! My name is Claudia, and I am excited to be joining the UQPSA team as Academic Director this year. I am studying in my fourth year of the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) and I am passionate about helping our members thrive academically. As your Academic Director, I will help our members navigate the textbook borrowing system, pathways to postgraduate study as well as provide general academic advice. This year, I aim to facilitate great opportunities for our members to stay informed about their academic possibilities and I hope to see our members grow in confidence as a result. Fun facts about me: I love to ski, write stories and learn some Spanish on the side!! (Puedo hablar bien pero entiendo más). Please feel free to have a friendly chat if you see me around campus in 2023!



Hi! I’m Miranda and I am the PSA first year director for 2023. I am a third year psychological science student and am stoked to be more involved with the PSA this year. 


A bit about me I am a proud queer woman and advocate and I love everything psychology, I am hoping to get a masters in clinical psych. I am always up for a chat and to help others get more involved in the psychology community at UQ so don’t hesitate to get in touch about PSA stuff or just UQ Psych in general!



Hey there! My name is Greta, and I'm a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) student. I'm super excited to be the Social Director for the UQ Psychology Students' Association this year and can't wait to meet all of you amazing psychology students! As the Social Director, my primary responsibility is to make sure that our social events are fun, inclusive, and memorable. Aside from my role as Social Director, I'm an active member of PSA and love participating in all of the activities and events that we organize. I believe that being a part of our community is an excellent way to learn, grow, and make new friends. It's a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people who share similar interests and goals. I'm also passionate about volunteering and have worked with various organizations in the past. I'm thrilled to be your Social Director for UQPSA this year, and I can't wait to get to know each and every one of you!



I believe that your social life is one of the most important aspects of our university experience, and it is for that reason I have been heavily involved in clubs and societies at UQ for the last 4 years. In addition to being a social director for PSA, I am also President of the UQ Thongs Society – one of the largest social clubs at UQ. I am excited to bring my experience working in social clubs and planning events to PSA in 2023. We have so many great events already lined up for this year and I look forward to seeing you there!


Hey everyone! I’m Niraasha and I’m currently in my third year. I’ve had a lot of fun by getting involved with UQPSA in the past, and meeting all the amazing and supportive members. My focus for this year as one of the Industry Directors will be to provide an abundance of opportunities for everyone to explore their career possibilities in a supportive environment, and encourage students to network and build valuable connections in the field they’re interested in. I know that thinking about your future can sometimes seem daunting, but just know that we’re always here to help. I can’t wait get this year started and meet you all!



Hello, I'm Sumi (she/her) and I'm studying a Bachelor of Science with Psychology as my major and Sociology as my minor. As your elected Industry Director, I'm excited to bring you quality industry events and I hope to give you a few ideas on what your future career path could look like. I'll be commencing my fourth year at uni and I pretty much know all the ins and outs of UQ so please don't shy away from questions. I'm also an international student here so if you ever feel out of place, please come have a chat as I've been in the same boat 🙂.



Hi, I’m Adam and I’m your Merchandise and Fundraising Director for 2023! I’m going into my second year of a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) and I can’t wait to get some new merch in the pipeline and help you get your merch as soon as possible. Buying merch is a great way to help the PSA organise events and support students like yourself, while also looking pretty cool and repping the psychology name ;)


I’d love to hear your suggestions and questions, so get in contact whenever you’d like and be sure to say hi if you see me around!



Hi! My name is Neen and I'm keen to be the social media and marketing director this year. I love the positive impact that social media can have, and I'm excited to spread the joy through the promotion of exciting events. This is my first year in the PSA, and joining was a way for me to get more involved. While being the media director, I hope to help you do the exact same, and hopefully it brings us all together!

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