My name is Lin, and I started a Bachelor of Psychological Science in 2019. My interests include child development research and practice, specifically with regards to childhood maltreatment or adverse childhood experiences, and I hope to conduct research on this topic after I graduate. In my three years of uni thus far, I have completed a Student-Staff Partnership, both the Winter and Summer Research Programs, and served on the UQPSA Executive Committee for 3 years. This year, my goals for the UQPSA are to re-engage in student's academic developments, help our students to build their portfolios, and help students develop their employability. We hope you're just as excited as we are for 2021.


Since joining UQPSA in 2020, I have taken advantage of all the psych events there has to offer. Now, I have been blessed with an amazing support network who follow me on my journey to completing my degree. I started studying psychology because I find learning about the human mind to be so complex and interesting. Although I am still figuring out what I want to get from my degree, I want to enjoy this time of my life where I get to constantly learn and have fun. I want to encourage you to use this year to attend UQPSA’s fun and memorable events as a way to take a break from long study sessions!


I have absolutely no shame in telling you that most of my lasting friendships were made through joining the PSA. Where else would I have met like minded people who shared the same annoyance of people asking if we could read their minds? UQPSA provides a great platform for you to get together with your old friends, make new ones, and have a blast at all of our events. With our variety of events, you’ve definitely got no time to waste to start making memories.


I am currently in my fourth year of a dual Bachelor of Law and Psychology. I have become increasingly passionate about aiding others in finding their education passions and interests. I am also passionate about supporting you throughout your academic journey at UQ, whether it's your first or your final year. I wish to provide my best knowledge and resources to help you fulfill your potential; and help you plan your years of academia and prepare you for life after graduation.


I am currently in my fourth year of Bachelor of Psychological Science (honours) degree. Whether you are interested in clinical psychology, or want to reach out into jobs that may not be directly related to psychology, I wish to provide the relevant knowledge and opportunities that help you reach your goals. In saying that, my other passions include spending time with friends or going on bush walks and discovering waterfalls and hidden gems in nature. In the meantime, you can find me having lunch in the great court with my friends (look out for the red hair) or weeping over my honours thesis in the central library. 


Social events have been a really important aspect of my university life as they have given me the opportunity to meet some cool like-minded students, bond over our mutual interest in psychology, make close friendships and have some fun throughout the semester. We have some really great events coming up this year that we know you will love. Give us a wave next time you see one of us around campus. We’d love to see your friendly face and get to know you!


I believe that your social life is one of the most important aspects of our university experience and is for that reason I have been heavily involved in clubs and societies at UQ for the last 3 years. In addition to being social director for PSA, I am also President of the UQ Thongs Society - one of the largest social clubs at UQ. I am excited to bring my experience working in social clubs and planning events to PSA in 2021. We have so many great events already lined up for this year, I look forward to seeing you there!


I started at UQ in 2020, studying a Bachelor of Arts with an extended major in Psychology. I was ready to make new friends, hit the Red Room, and experience all that UQ had to offer. However, as COVID-19 pandemic took over all of our lives it meant that I didn’t have the traditional uni experience that I had expected. But UQPSA made sure that I still had a blast during my first year at UQ. Now, I’m here to ensure you enjoy yours and that you’ll ease into the uni life.


I’m starting my second year of studying psychology at UQ in 2021. Although I’m Australian, I have spent a lot of my schooling years overseas, and thus, I understand the challenges of being in a new environment, and I understand that it has given me a love for travel and new experiences. This year, I look forward to organising UQPSA events and to start creating comfortable and stylish merchandise for you to wear. See you around!


Hi my name is Rithika and I’m currently in my 4th year of Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science). Being in my last year of undergraduate studies, I’m really excited to be a part of UQPSA and make this year a memorable one. As your graphics and marketing coordinator for the year, I’m really looking forward to increasing our social media following and coming up with some funky designs to keep our members in the loop about all the amazing events we have planned for the year!


Aside from communicating our shared passion for psychology, my main role is to deliver key information regarding all of the fun PSA events via our social media platforms. Another passion of mine is advocating the importance of maintaining good mental and physical health throughout the storms of academic life. Life can be stressful, especially during university. So, I want to promote exercise, nutrition, work-life balance, de-stressing tips. On that note, be ready for a great semester with us!

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