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  • The Psych Guide

    The Psych Guide is your trusty manual that will give you all the inside tips and tricks to how we’ve personally survived and thrived at uni.You will find a heap of information on electives for first, second, and third year, how to develop your employability, words of advice from past Valedictorians and graduates of the program, pages and pages full of social events we aim to hold this year, and more!

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  • The Textbook Exchange

    We tend to go through stacks and stacks of textbooks by the time we are done with our degree. The PSA's Textbook Exchange Program aims to help students who are on a budget by allowing for the rental of certain textbooks for one semester. The textbooks we have available have been kindly donated by past students, as well as the School of Psychology. 

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  • Pathways to Medicine

    Find out how you can fulfil the electives you need to get into the postgraduate medical degree at UQ! We've spoken to students in the psychology programs and gathered some tips and tricks that can help you make the most of your time studying psych, while also helping you get prepared for medicine.

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